WDEV has had a path of innovations, creations, ideas, awards and a lot of work. Find out a bit more of our story.


Branch in São Paulo inaugurates a new phase

Another WDEV head office opens, now in São Paulo. With the expansion, new business opportunities arise, providing greater support for the company’s ongoing growth.

Ideas that simplify

WDEV develops Easyseg, a portfolio of modularized products for the insurance companies, which puts the firm among the largest in the segment. As a consequence, WDEV advances on the implantation of governance and management processes.


Boosts that make us go even further

WDEV becomes even more structured and, as an answer to its investment on infrastructure and internal processes, wins for the first time the XIII Efinance Award in three categories. After this first run, it also won the Award in 2014 and 2015.

When it is time for a son to leave home

Smartia Seguros Online, an online quotation and insurance sales platform, born in the WDEV incubator of ideas, wins the world and becomes an independent company.


Our own products start to emerge

In the same year that WDEV LAB-Technological Innovation Laboratory is inaugurated, the first product developed by the company, the IPS - Integration Platform Suite, is launched.

The 1st contract we never forget

This year, WDEV signed its first contract as a software development supplier. It also expanded its operations and strengthened its performance in the market, in addition to consolidating itself as a partner of the largest insurance company in Brazil.


Only novelty interests me

How to escape the sameness and stagnation of the market? It was due to necessity and desire of innovation that Rodrigo Caixeta and Guillermo Reid created WDEV, with the goal to generate challenging technological solutions for the insurance market.